divisionsWest Sussex BKA Divisions

There are four Divisions within West Sussex - Central Sussex,  Chichester , Wisborough Green and Worthing

The organisation of Beekeeping Associations is based on a pyramid system with the British Beekeepers' Association (BBKA) at the top, then Area Association Members in the middle usually being County BKAs such as WSBKA, which are then broken down into Branches or Divisions. It is at Divisional level the vast majority of beekeeping activity and teaching takes place.

The Divisions have no boundaries. Beekeepers are free to join any Division they like and are welcome to attend functions of another Division, as several do. New beekeepers are advised to visit all BKAs within a reasonable distance before deciding which one to join. They all have their own individuality and it makes sense to join the one that suits you best. This could be for beekeeping reasons or something else such as the suitability of meeting dates and times. It is obviously expected that beekeepers stay loyal to their chosen Division.

Subscriptions are taken at Divisional level and includes membership of WSBKA and the British Beekeepers' Association (BBKA). As with most things there are benefits of being a member of an organised group.

Each Division is completely autonomous, having their own administration and arrange their own functions. During the year there are a variety of meetings to suit all beekeepers. Summer meetings tend to be practical with all Divisions having their own teaching apiary, winter meetings are usually theoretical. There are some events that are too large for Divisions to handle and these are organised by WSBKA. These include annual events such as:-

Bee Market and Auction, where there is a sale of equipment as well as various other bee related attractions.

Beekeepers' Convention, which is an all day event featuring some well known lecturers.

Follow the links above for full details of these annual events.