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Annual Bee Market & Auction 

A Beekeeping Auction is held annually in the spring, and has a reputation for being a major event in the beekeeping calendar. In the past there have been visitors from all over the country, with many buyers and sellers returning year after year.

Quote from Bill Turnbull's book 'The Bad Beekeepers' Club' - 'The biggest and best auction I've been to is the West Sussex Beekeepers' Association event held down at Pulborough.....  They have stacks for sale every year, and it takes hours to go through it all.  It's always entertaining though, and a good chance to compare notes'.  Thanks to Bill's publishers, Little, Brown Book Group for allowing us to use the quote.


This year's event was held on Saturday 27th April, 2019.  Venue was again Chichester College's Brinsbury Campus, Pulborough, RH20 1DL.  Catalogue available here.  

Next year's event will be on Saturday 25th April 2020.  See you next year.


Contact the organiser, Graham Elliott: -

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 01403 752493

Mobile: 07761 349281






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